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Strange Bedfellows – PhD|MFA Interim Exhibition 2018

December 8, 2018 – January 18, 2019
The Gallery | Burren College of Art | Newtown Castle | Ballyvaughan | Co. Clare


Tanya de Paor | Kelly Klaasmeyer

Perrin Duncan | Katie Kramer | Morgan Madison | Kaitlynn Webster


Burren College of Art is pleased to host the PhD|MFA Interim Exhibition, Strange Bedfellows, along with the Study Abroad undergraduate end-of-year exhibition and postgraduate Open Studios.

In Strange Bedfellows, six artists from Ireland, United States and Canada will be presenting works-in-progress on a variety of different perspectives and themes such as the environment, narratives, and painterly abstraction.

Works will be exhibited by second year MFA students Perrin Duncan, Katie Kramer, Morgan Madison and Kaitlynn Webster. Tanya de Paor and Kelly Klaasmeyer are current PhD students and will be showing work reflecting their research practice.

The exhibition will be opened by Michaële Cutaya who is a writer, researcher and editor on art living in County Galway.

Contact: Lisa Newman at lisa@burrencollege.ie or +353 (0)65 7077200


Perrin Duncan

MFA in Studio Art

Perrin Clore Duncan is an abstract painter from Edmond, Oklahoma, U.S.A. She received her B.A. in Economics and Studio Art from DePauw University in Greencastle, IN. Through combining expressive colors and forms, Perrin creates democratic spaces for exploring relationships found in the increasingly complex western human experience. Her compositions offer moments of reflection surrounding the connections she observes between individuals and with the world.



Katie Kramer

MFA in Art & Ecology

Katie Kramer is a visual artist originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada where she received her HBFA from Lakehead University. Her experience of rural life has assisted in forming an interest of place and environment. Her work currently focuses on subverting the traditional notions of 19th century sublime found in Renaissance painting, using local residential development as an area of focus. She explores this idea through the comparison of anthropocentric and ecocentric perspectives, alongside the representation of human altered landscapes; questioning the distinction between the manmade and the natural. As a multidisciplinary artist, she uses painting, drawing and sculpture to explore her conceptual ideas. @ktk_artworks

Morgan Madison

MFA in Studio Art

Morgan Madison is a multidisciplinary artist who primarily employs drawing, photography, or a combination of the two to study and reflect on the ephemeral nature place, space, and objects found in her everyday experiences of the world. At the root of her practice is the joy of engaging with and celebrating the minute moments that occur around her. She hails from the midwest in the U.S.A where she received a B.A. in Studio Art from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities.


Kaitlynn Webster

MFA in Studio Art

Kaitlynn Webster is a multidisciplinary installation artist from Fresno, California, USA. She uses mark making and sculpture to visually represent various psychological states and explore the way these states reverberate through the physical body. Her work is an attempt to map out her own psyche and create a contemplative space to encourage her viewers to do the same. https://www.kwebsterart.com @artbykw

Tanya de Paor

PhD in Studio Art

Tanya de Paor is a PhD candidate in the Burren College of Art and National University of Ireland, Galway. She is an artist, researcher and lecturer based in Cork. Her work is concerned with exploring human / nature connections in the neo natural world of the Anthropocene. Her work is multidisciplinary including sculpture, drawing, installation, text and lens based media. She received her MA from Belfast College of Art, University of Ulster.  She recently presented at the TransCultural Exchange 2018, International Conference for Opportunities in the Arts, in Qúebec City.

Kelly Klaasmeyer

PhD in Studio Art

Kelly Klaasmeyer is a visual artist who has done many ill-advised things. She received her MFA from the University of Houston in 1992 and went on to manage a political campaign in rural Arkansas. She spent the mid-90s making art and hanging out with unsavory characters in St. Petersburg, Russia. Back in Houston, she drew a comic for the weekly paper that generated threats of legal action. When the cartoon ended, she became the art critic for the same paper. Her current work focuses on portraits with stories from their subjects.