Post Baccalaureate in Art & Ecology

The Aims of the Post Baccalaureate in Art & Ecology

The Higher Diploma in Art & Ecology is the equivalent to the Post Baccalaureate in North America, and is known informally as the ‘Post Bac’. This one-year course is designed for students who wish to develop their artistic practice through engaging with ecology, earth systems and environmental change. Through fine art practice, students investigate how social and earth ecologies coexist within the unique context of the Burren. Students are assisted in finding their voices as ecologically oriented artists and are prepared for application to, and potential enrolment in, an MA / MFA programme. The Post Bac in Art & Ecology is also applicable for students who have a degree in a subject other than fine art and who wish to transfer onto a fine art educational track by progressing to an MA / MFA programme.

Through independent studio practice, seminars and group critiques, students develop their artistic identity and explore the interconnectivity between artistic practice, ecological thinking and the changing global climate. Students work with BCA’s core faculty on individually negotiated independent study. Additionally, students take core modules introducing ecosystem science and ecology and sustainability in the Burren. BCA partnering organisations Burren Beo and The Burren and Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark teach across these modules. Post Bac Art & Ecology students produce a final exhibition, the quality of which should demonstrate their understanding of an ecologically oriented art practice.

Programme Description and Course Structure


Studio Practice and Critique is at the core of the programme, taking the form of negotiated projects for independent study that also involve portfolio preparation and career planning. Taught studio courses provide teaching in a choice of disciplines from the undergraduate curriculum where students work alongside undergraduate students.

Theory Art and Ecology examines key concepts in land based and ecologically oriented art to contextualise the art historical field and the student’s emerging studio practice.

An Introduction to Ecosystem Science provides an engagement with ecosystems through lectures and first-hand experience of the Burren.

In Ecology and Sustainability in the Burren, the stewardship of the Burren is explored as a microcosm of global ecological and environmental concerns.

You will also visit galleries and museums in Dublin with optional visits to London and Berlin.

Course Structure

Year 1, Semester 1

Studio Practice and Critique 1 (Independent Study) 20 ECTS
Theory and Art & Ecology (Taught) 5 ECTS
Introduction to Ecosystem Science (Taught) 5 ECTS

Year 1, Semester 2

Studio Practice and Critique 3 (Independent Study) 20 ECTS
Ecology & Sustainability in the Burren (Taught) 5 ECTS
Studio Practice and Critique 4 (Taught) 5 ECTS – optional
Studio Practice and Critique 5 (Taught) 5 ECTS – optional



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