Current offerings from ReSource

ReSource is a dedicated centre that offers creative responses to complex challenges. We invite you and your team to take a two and a half day facilitated …. PAUSE … in the wonderful natural setting of the Burren to reconnect, recharge and reimagine your work together.


When I slow down, I see twice as much.Tara Brach


It’s been a tough 6 months for many teams – working frantically and remotely in a void of uncertainty. The return to ‘normality’, heralded by the reopening of schools and some workplaces, can prompts an understandable urgency to rush back in, forge ahead and get back to ‘business as usual’.

But we cannot ignore that our lives have changed dramatically since Covid -19, it has upended reality as we understood it.  For some, it has brought fresh opportunity, for others, survival challenges. For most, it has been a period of tension, stress and exhaustion which will continue for some time while difficult leadership decisions have to be made . Before forging ahead:

ReSource invites you and your team  to …Pause…and

              • Assimilate and make better sense of your new reality;
              • Embrace and work with the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and  ambiguity as the new normal and
              • Imagine possibilities for agile and creative responses


  •  A Deep Dive: Facilitate a two and a half days deep dive for your team (up to 10 people) to engage with your greatest current challenges with greater spaciousness than is possible in conventional contexts;
  • Fresh Eyes: Open new perspectives and possibilities for the future of your organisation in the stunning Burren landscape – a place calculated to “catch the heart off guard and blow it open” (Seamus Heaney);
  • Creative Insights: Enable creative responses drawing on the assets and experience of an Art College and
  • Release Potential: Support and ReSource your team with individual and collective skills, tools, techniques to release fresh potential with leading-edge facilitation.


  • Bring what you currently perceive as your greatest challenge or creative opportunity
  • Reconnect with your colleagues as human, rather than virtual, beings
  • Recognise and learn to see beyond limiting beliefs
  • ReSource – Go to the source of your challenge and revitalize your capacity to respond more creatively to change as a team. Learn to recognize team dynamics and develop collective habits that will serve you well as you begin to actively create new ways forward together.


You and your team Re-Emerge with transformed understanding, direction, vitality and commitment to action.


Re-Energised, Re-Newed, Re-Sourced for the road ahead!


ReSource pause Sessions are offered twice weekly, beginning Sunday and Wednesday evenings, giving you the option to spend personal time in the wonderful natural setting of the Burren on weekends before or after the programme. The programme outline will be tailored it to your specific requirements needs.

Sessions are currently based on small teams of up to 10 participants (in compliance with Covid restrictions) and include facilitation, all meals, a welcome reception in Newtown Castle and creative materials. College Accommodation can be included in the package or sourced independently in Ballyvaughan.

Sample Programme Outline * 

*NB: The programme content will be tailored to your team and organisazions exact requirements.

Sunday Evening:


Welcoming Reception

in Newtown Castle

Take the time to re-connect to each other and to what is most important
Monday Morning


Space for Reflection What is coming up that needs attention? What needs to be learnt from the experience of recent months? What are the fundamental issues that need to be faced?
Monday Afternoon / Evening


Space for Deepening

(connecting to Source)

What are the positive core resources that enable us to face challenges ahead? What needs to be different for us to make the difference we want to make?
Tuesday Morning


Refreshed Inspiration for an Improved Path Forward (In practical terms) What do we need to focus on now? What does an inspired approach look like ?
Tuesday Afternoon

ReSource & Reinvigorate

Renewed Action (Concrete)  Who needs to do what next?

How do we stay adaptable / responsive?

How do we maintain the quality of connection that we need?


This is the core of our offering to teams.  We enhance the programme by adding in optional walk ‘n talk coaching sessions and meetings on the move in nature and well-being activities (e.g. yoga, guided hill walks ) to meet particular needs.


To discuss how we can tailor a facilitated pause for your team,


 Participants’ health and safety is our greatest priority. All programmes are run in strict compliance with Covid guidelines in our spacious campus Consequently, sessions may be subject to change with short notice.