Burren College of Art boasts a range of quality facilities; Studios, Print Studio and Press, Darkroom Photographic Studio and Digital Lab, 3D Lab, Library, Lecture Theatre


The studios are the key facility provided and students have their own dedicated studio spaces to which they have access 24/7.

Our studios average 4m x 4m (with some variation), are well lit with natural and artificial light, and have multiple power sockets and an internet port.  Our undergraduate students are allocated a shared studio space, whereas graduate students and resident artists have single studio spaces, to which they also have 24/7 access.

Wireless internet access is available throughout the campus and studios.

BCA student working in a Studio

The facilities at Burren College of Art provide our students and residents with the tools, resources and space needed for experimentation and further development of their creative practices, and reflect the ideas-led ethos of the curriculum.

Good facilities for core fine art activities are provided we consider it a positive part of the college’s encouragement that students need to be resourceful in fulfilling their technical needs beyond the range of what is provided through experimentation and innovation. From time to time and where appropriate, creative low-tech and no-tech improvisation in creating art complements the digital and traditional media.

Print Studio and Large Etching Press

The Print Studio features a large press, approximately 24” wide, a collapsible wire drying rack, and 2 glass-top ink tables. The tools and supplies available include: a variety of ink brayers, large ink rollers, ink scrapers, rulers, levels, newsprint, blotting paper, scrim, gloves, ink cleaning supplies, and running water. It is also supplied with non-toxic water-soluble inks, and only non-toxic chemical process are allowed in the Print Studio. The facility is designed to support dry-point intaglio, relief, monotype, and non-chemical lithography printing.

Students must have prior printmaking experience to use the press and receive a walkthrough tutorial of the Print Studio by the Dean or Facilities Manager before they can use the facility. The Print Studio is accessible 24hr, with the key monitored via a sign-out sheet.


Darkroom, Photographic Studio and Digital Lab

The darkroom contains six enlargers (2 Capable of Large format printing, all six capable of printing medium and 35mm format). It provides a valuable learning resource for students, and access to transferable skills between print and digital photography.

As many US colleges suspended darkroom operations with a move to digital photography, the BCA darkroom receives steady use by students interested in hands-on and experimental approaches to photography. The darkroom also has a UV lightbox for the development of cyanotypes, drying locker for film, drying box for images, and regularly stocks chemicals for black and white film development and cyanotype processing. Students have 24hr access to the darkroom and must be given safety instruction for chemical handling and facility usage by instructors before they can work in the space.

The Digital Lab has 6 iMac desktops with Adobe CC/Microsoft Office packages, and 2 additional iMac desktop with basic programs for printing functionality. It also has 1 X Epson SC 6900 Inkjet Printer (capable of printing up to 24 inches), 2 X Epson Flatbed Scanner, and 1 X Digital Microscope.

A few additional pieces of equipment located in the facility include: 2 large paper cutters, matt cutter, light box. All the Digital Lab computers are networked to print to a Konica Minolta 360i copier.

Students can also print from their own devices with assistance from the Facilities Manager to install drivers. Printing on the colour copier, with standard copier paper, is free for students as the set up is relatively small in terms of enabling a vending style or administered system.

Students have 24 hour access to the Digital Lab. Use of the Epson printer, Epson scanner, and Stereoscope require workshop training by the Facilities Manager before they can be used.

3D Lab

The Sculpture Department 3D Lab facilities include a large open-plan space housing a wood workshop, metal workshop, a plaster/clay working area and stone/wood carving area, a materials storage space and a bank of assorted sculptural fabrication hand tools and electrical tools.

Tools include: chop saw, bandsaw, planer/jointer, disc sander/belt sander, drill press, router, circular saw, jigsaw, reciprocating saw, angle grinder, Dremel, pneumatic die grinder, pneumatic cutter, pneumatic orbital sander, pneumatic hammer chisel, MIG welder, arc welder, plasma cutter, metal chop saw, abrasive wheel, kiln, as well as hand drills and assorted hand tools.

Safety equipment available include: dust masks, respirators, safety glasses/goggles, ear plugs/ear muffs, gloves, overalls and heavy duty aprons, welding masks/goggles, welding gloves.

There are distinct areas delineated for metal working and ceramics/kiln, with safety boundaries marked for each woodworking power tool. Hand tools are clearly organized and displayed with a check-out system established. Wood, metal, ceramic, and paint materials located in the main space are kept well organized, with tables readily available for use by all.

A separate room holds an assortment of sculptural objects and materials that are free for use.

All power tools require safety training and supervision by the Facilities Manager before they can be used, and the facilities are only accessible during regular hours of operation; 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

The Library

The Library is open to students and faculty of the College. It is supported by Clare Council Council and members of the public are also welcome to use the library for reference purposes. Graduate students also have access to the John Hardiman Library at University of Galway

The Library collection currently includes more than 6,000 books, artists’ videos, slides, and a range of art-related international periodicals.

The book collection includes sections on art history, art theory, art criticism, and a large number of monographs of artists working in all disciplines including painters, sculptors, performance artists and photographers.

The Irish section includes Irish archaeology, history, literature and natural environment with additional emphasis on County Clare and the Burren.

Library Collection

The library collection is available to view online.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 9 am – 1 pm; 2pm – 5 pm

Please contact Julia Long at julia@burrencollege.ie if you are not a student of the College and would like to consult the collections.

Lecture Theatre

The College’s Lecture Theatre began life as a coach house, built sometime in the mid 19th Century. Having been carefully restored it is now a cornerstone of the Burren College of Art campus.

Capable of accommodating an audience of 85 the Lecture Theatre is used by college and visiting faculty, is a central venue for our annual conferences and symposia, as well as being home to the local Film Club which screens independent movies and films throughout the academic year.

Students in Burren College of Art Lecture Hall

Drawing Studio

Our Drawing Studio is a large 25ft X 20ft space with lots of natural light and views of the stone landscape behind the College and two adjoining studio spaces.  In addition to our Life Drawing classes, the studio is also used for workshops and performances.