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Support a world where art and creativity really matter. Where time slows down, where space to create is given, and inspiration comes from the stillness of an ancient land. The innovative artists who benefit from a Burren College of Art education ensure a brighter future for us all. Your support is essential to making our intimate, experimental, immersive studio-based education accessible to the most committed students regardless of means.

Scholarship Fund

You can have a profound and long-lasting impact on the creative life of a young artist while also investing in our collective cultural future by supporting scholarships at Burren College of Art (BCA). Scholarships create a meaningful connection between students, the people who have invested in them, and the next generation of innovative leaders. These opportunities advance our students’ education, give them an advantage in their future career, and encourage them to give back to the community that made their education possible.

Donate to the Michael Greene Memorial Fund

Make a difference today by donating any amount to the Michael Greene Memorial Fund. Named after Michael Greene, the visionary leader who co-founded the Burren College of Art in 1983, this annual scholarship allows post-graduate students the opportunity to develop their creative potential in the unique environment of the Burren.

Create a Named Scholarship

If you would like to create a scholarship that helps provide tuition relief for one academic year and recognizes you or a person close to you or BCA in the name of the scholarship, contact BCA’s office to discuss making a special gift. Donors can choose the name of the scholarship, set the awarding criteria and meetings with scholarship recipients can be arranged. If you would like to create a scholarship that supports a talented student and recognizes you or a person close to you or BCA in the name of the scholarship, please contact our office at +353 65 707 7200 or by email at

Create an Endowed Scholarship

If you would like to create a more enduring legacy an endowed fund can be created to award named scholarships over a chosen period of time at BCA.

Please contact Mary Hawkes-Green, President at +353 65 7077200 or by email at to discuss ideas for creating scholarship funds at BCA tailored to achieve your philanthropic goals and meet BCA’s needs.

Past Named Scholarships:

Michael Greene Scholarship

Anne Madden Scholarship

Marie Cavanagh Scholarship

Bernice P. and Janet M. Shaughnessy Scholarship

Donate to the Alumni Scholarship Fund

Time spent at BCA holds a special place in many of our Alum’s hearts. Through a scholarship, you can recognize the important role that BCA played in your life and can offer the same opportunities to future generations of students. Make a difference today by donating any amount to the Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Make a Donation

You can help Burren College of Art receive further donations through the tax system:

  • If you donate €250 or more (in a single tax year)
  • Send your name and address and we will send you a form to sign which allows us to claim the tax back. Alternatively download the CHY4 form by clicking here and send it to us with your donation.


If you would like to support Burren College of Art please click the button below to Make a Donation.


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