PHD in Studio Art

Postgraduate Tuition Fees 2024/25

(Please note that tuition and fees are subject to annual change.)


Full Time

International Students       €18,860 per year (years 1-3); €9,905 year four

EU Students                      €9,500 per year (years 1-3); €5,400 year four

Part Time

International Students       €8,010 per year

EU Students                      €3,570 per year

These fees include the provision of supervisors, external examiners (including inclusion of an external supervisor when appropriate) and a Graduate Research Committee, studio space for Full-Time students, use of College facilities including the library and workshops, the administrative services of the college and the university, and a contribution to exhibition costs for examination including digital promotion. The cost of materials, books, external technical services, printed exhibition invitations and catalogue, travel and attendance at conferences are met by students.

Please note: Students are expected to complete their doctoral studies in the timeframes specified. If further time is required, subject to GRC approval, tuition for an additional year will be at the same rate as year 4 for Full Time students and at the annual tuition rate for Part Time students. As noted previously, fees are non refundable if a student withdraws from the programme either voluntarily or through a failure to progress.

MPhil (Fine Art)

Full Time

International Students       €18,860 per year

EU Students                      €9,500 per year

Part Time

International Students       €8,010 per year

EU Students                      €3,570 per year


MFA in Studio Art / MFA in Art & Ecology

  • (2 Semesters per yr.) EU Fee €9,500 per yr / International Fee €18,860 per Yr.


MA in Studio Art / MA in Art & Ecology

  • (3 Semesters) EU Fee €11,875 / International Fee €23,300


Post Baccalaureate in Studio / Art & Ecology

  • (2 Semesters) EU Fee €9,500 / International Fee €18,860

NOTE: To be eligible for EU fee rates, you must hold an EU passport which has been valid for at least one year prior to applying to the programme.


Other Fees

  • Programme Fee €550 per year
  • Activity Fee €450 per year
  • Optional Faculty-led trip to London €720*
  • Optional Faculty-led trip to Berlin €720*
  • Graduation Fee €100 final year

*Indicative only, subject to change.

Fees Payment

Pay your Fees Online here

Cancellation Policy

All tuition and fees are due at least 4 weeks before the start of the programme. The Burren College of Art accepts no obligation to refund any fee, or part thereof, after this date.

Academic Year 2024/25 – Key Dates

Autumn 2024

September 2 – Autumn Semester begins/Orientation Week

September 9 – Classes begin

October 22-23 Midterm Critiques for all students

December 9 – Final Week of Autumn Semester


Spring 2025

January 6 – Spring Semester begins/Orientation Week

January 13 – Classes begin

February 25-26 – Midterm Critiques for all students

March 31 – Last week of studio time for Postgraduates

April 7-12 – Postgraduate final exhibition installation

April 14-15 – Final examinations and critiques

April 12 – Opening reception for Exhibition

April 14-18 – Final week of Spring Semester

April 24 – Graduation Ceremony


Summer Semester

May 12-August 22 Final MA semester

August 4-14 MA exhibition installation

August 14-September 16 Final exhibition and assessment


Scholarship & Funding Sources

Burren College of Art is an independent, not-for-profit institution which does not receive any State or government funding in the form of grants or support for Irish or EU students.  In recognition of this, we assist Irish and EU students by providing a 50% reduction in tuition fees, reserving additional internal scholarship funds for our international (non-EU students).

Michael Greene Merit Scholarship

The Michael Greene Merit Scholarship is awarded to postgraduate applicants who demonstrate exceptional merit, commitment and financial need. The Scholarship awards bursaries ranging from 10-20% of Full Time tuition remission for all postgraduate programs  (NOTE: Scholarships are only available for international, non-EU students accepted to full-time enrolment in the PhD, MFA/MA and Post-Baccalaureate programmes). Part Time or Hybrid PhD degree programs are not eligible for scholarship funding. To be considered for the Michael Greene Merit Scholarship, you must have submitted your completed application to the College by February 1 for entry in the forthcoming Fall semester and be prepared to provide documentation of financial need (i.e. tax returns). The scholarship is not automatically renewable, and successful PhD/MFA awardees will need to re-apply for the scholarship annually.
The Sean Scully Scholarship

Renowned international artist, Sean Scully, has generously donated $10,000 USD towards tuition for an incoming student on an annual basis.  This award is available for MFA or MA students enrolling in either Studio Art or Art & Ecology and is based on a combination of demonstrated exceptional talent and financial need. This award is for one year only.

The Bernice P. Shaughnessy and Janet M. Shaughnessy Scholarship

This award was established in 2017 by alumnus Janet Shaughnessy (1952-2018) in loving memory of her mother, Bernice P. Shaughnessy (1921-2016). Janet wished to pay tribute to the Burren, and the meaningful experience she had while living and working there as a member of the first Burren College of Art MFA class, graduating in 2005. The Burren landscape, colors, sky, weather and seasons had a profound influence on her drawings. The quiet, the sea, and the space to explore her interior and exterior worlds continued to influence every part of her life. As executor of the fund, Janet’s husband, Hal Weaver, would enjoy informal communication with the scholarship recipient to discuss their ongoing progress.

The €5000 scholarship, renewable for two years, will be awarded to an incoming international (non-EU) MFA student, whose application will show compelling ability and clarity of intention in choosing the Burren as an influential location for their work, as well as demonstrated financial need. Recipients must be enrolled full time and in good academic standing. This scholarship is available to all international Masters of Fine Art students in Studio Art or Art & Ecology.

BCA Housing Scholarship

This Trust provides means-based scholarships to facilitate participation by the most talented international artists on our Graduate Programmes. These awards fall into various categories: Full housing scholarship, partial housing scholarship and housing scholarships which include allocated duties. The award is for the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters, not including Christmas break). Selection is based on portfolio assessment and financial need.


Priority Deadline of February 1, 2024 for 2024/2025 Entry
The application deadline for Graduate Programmes is Feb 1st, 2024. Only students who have been applied by February 1 will be eligible to be considered for these scholarships.

External Sources of Funding

Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation

Canada-based foundation which offers grants for art students age 18-41, from anywhere in the world, pursuing their studies in representational styles of painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture.  They do not support abstract or non-representational work.

CAA College Art Association

Professional development fellowships for graduate students support promising artists and art historians who are enrolled in MFA and PhD programs nationwide. Fellows are honored with $5,000 grants to help them with various aspects of their work, whether it be for job-search expenses or purchasing materials for the studio. Check their website for further information –

Sustainability Scholarship

Danish organization offering a sustainability scholarship of up to €5000/$5500 to cover a postgraduate student’s tuition fee for the 2021/2022 academic year. The scholarship is open to students from all over the world who are planning on starting a master’s degree that can help them make the world more sustainable.  You can find more information about the scholarship on their website.

The Department of Education

The maintenance grant is the main source of funding available from the Irish government and information on eligibility and grant levels is available from the website – this is a very comprehensive website that will guide you through the application process and also contains information on other available funding such as the Millenium Partnership Fund and funds for students with disabilities.
NUI Galway Research Scholarships

NUI Galway have a range of scholarships available to students pursuing PhD studies. For a full list of scholarships and application requirements visit their website
The Leverhulme Trust - Study Abroad Scholarships

This scheme supports postgraduate-level and postdoctoral-level scholars. Its aim is to support students from the UK to spend an extended period of advanced study or research at a centre of learning overseas. Approximately 20 awards are offered annually. Check out their website for further information.
Government Exchange Scholarships

Students from outside of Ireland wishing to obtain postgraduate academic year scholarships to Ireland should contact their own Ministries for Education or Foreign Affairs. The application forms are available every year in February. Application forms must be evaluated and processed through their own relevant Ministry. Students should first investigate possible funding opportunities in their own country, then contact their country’s Irish embassy. The Department of Foreign Affairs website is useful for locating an appropriate contact.
The US-Ireland Alliance

This organisation sponsors a prestigious, competitive, national scholarship to enable US citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 to study at universities on the island of Ireland. The George J. Mitchell Scholarships are intended to familiarise and engage the next generation of America’s leaders with the island of Ireland. These scholarships allow Americans to pursue one year of post-graduate study in any discipline offered at institutions of higher learning in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Mitchell Scholarship provided tuition and housing for one year along with international travel and a living expenses stipend. Check their website for further information and application forms. Any scholarship related queries should be addressed to Dell Pendergrast, Director, Mitchell Scholarships.- Email Scholarships

€5000 scholarship towards earning a Master’s degree in Europe.

UNESCO Fellowships

Students from African countries should contact their own Government's Ministry of Education for details of funding options in the first instance. All UNESCO applications must be chanelled through the National Commission for UNESCO of the candidate's country. More information here
The African Educational Trust

Offers a number of scholarships to students from Southern Africa (mostly Namibia and South Africa) especially those students who are unable to study in their home country due to political or educational discrimination. Contact: United Nations Educational and Training programme for Southern African Scholarships, United Nations, New York, NY 10017, USA.

Other Relevant Websites