Burren botanical drawing

Geometry and patterns in plants

Ida Mitrani
Faculty: Ida Mitrani
Dates: 14th-18th  August 2023

This five day workshop is an introduction to the geometry and patterns found in plants. Inspired by the flora of the Burren habitat, the participants will use drawing tools to represent the geometrical shapes and curves that underlie a plant’s structure.

The course involves a range of drawing exercises using graphite pencils, pens and watercolour paints to accurately capture the texture of the chosen subject. A series of practical demonstrations will include construction, deconstruction, and measurement of a flower and leaf, while pencil and brush techniques will also be covered.

There will be an emphasis on sketchbook work including observational drawings and colour chart preparation for accurate depiction of the unique plants found in the area. Field trips to the Burren will give students the opportunity to photograph and sketch plant specimens for use in further studio work.

By the end of the course, each student will be expected to create three large scale-drawings portraying the chosen subject as a geometric line drawing, a tonal drawing and a colored painting.



Tutor bio
Ida Mitrani is a Turkish born French artist and art teacher living in Ireland since 1997. She graduated from DLIADT in 2003 with an Honors Degree in Fine Art.
She’s been exhibiting widely in Ireland and was commissioned by Dublin City Council to design three maps illustrating the various communities of Dublin historic central area. The maps are now part of the National Library of Ireland’s archives.
Along with her artistic practice, Ida has been regularly running creative workshops and teaching art in various locations, including the London Art College. She also has set up the first intensive Botanical Art course in Ireland at the Institute of Art and Design and Technology in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, in 2012.
"Thank you, Ida, for sharing your passion, talent and enthusiasm for the art of botanical drawing with us and fascinating patterns in plants in a new way. It was an eye-opener. I promise myself to "keep going" and nurture the gift which you have begun to excavate little by little and hopefully meet again soon".
Anne Douglas, May 2019
"Thank you, Ida! It was such a wonderful week, I’ve learned so much from you and appreciated your highly skilled and very patient instruction".
John Scott Graf, May 2019