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Introduction to Botanical Art & Geometry of Flowers

Tutor: Ida Mitrani

Timeline: 5 consecutive sessions running on Tuesdays, starting June 29th 2021 from 17.00 – 18.30 (GMT)


This  workshop is an introduction to botanical art and to the geometry found in flowers. Inspired by spring wildflowers, the participants will use drawing tools to represent the geometrical shapes and curves that underlie a flower’s structure.

The course involves a range of drawing exercises using graphite pencils, pens and watercolour paints to accurately capture the texture of the chosen subject. A series of practical demonstrations will include construction, deconstruction, and measurement of a flower and leaf, while pencil and brush techniques will also be covered. There will be an emphasis on sketchbook work including observational drawings and colour chart preparation for accurate depiction of the plants found in your area.

By the end of the course, each student will have a better understanding of the fundamentals and theories of Botanical Art and geometry found in plants.

One-to-one tutorials including feedback are available on demand to each participant each week. 10/15mins


Session 1 Introduction to materials – Drawing a leaf/ tracing/measuring/tonal studies/shading/creating texture
Session 2 Introduction to watercolour – Painting a leaf – Colour theory/mixing  colours/colour chart preparation
Session 3 Drawing and painting a flower head – Line drawing, shading, colour chart preparation, painting
Session 4 Geometry seen in flowers – Measuring, drawing, colouring
Session 5 Explore composition – Final drawing – Looking at space, mixed composition, drawing, tracing, painting

Tutor bio:

Ida Mitrani is a Turkish born French artist living in Ireland since 1997. Her artwork is about the accuracy and idealisation of chosen specimens. She tries to develop a poetic vision of the world while giving existence to the unobserved. By singling out a plant, the artist aims to depict every element that constitutes it, to bring that awareness to the public in order to focus a lens on the beauty and the complexity in nature.
Mitrani has recently completed her studies at the Crawford Art College in Cork, where she was awarded the 2020 scholarship student for the Masters in Art and Process course.
She exhibits widely.
Along with her artistic practice, Mitrani has been intensively teaching Art and Botanical Art in various colleges and art centres. She has set up the first intensive Botanical course in Ireland in the Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin.
Her work is included in a number of publications and is now part of the public collection of the National Library in Dublin, the National Archives of Ireland and the Arts Office in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown.