Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between the Summer Academy and the BCA Global Ecologies Studio Summer School, or BCA’s Residency Programme?

    The BCA Global Ecologies Studio is a summer course primarily aimed at undergraduate students and taken for academic credit. It merges the studio with science and splits the academic credit accordingly. It is structured and taught as an undergraduate programme. BCA’s Residency programmes focus on the autonomy and independence of the artist to concentrate on their own practice, though they may avail of lectures, workshops and discussions taking place on campus. The Summer Academy differs in that it is a structured programme that offers no academic credit. It is open to any artist, student or otherwise, who wishes to expand their thinking and practice in relation to the concept of eco-social justice and who wishes to contribute to a dynamic and urgent conversation on what is arguably the central concern of our current epoch. The Academy aims to promote artistic growth and development and to deepen our understanding of the role artists can play in addressing the combination of ecological and social justice.

    Will I be expected to make work to set project briefs?

    There are no set studio briefs. Participating artists may wish to begin or develop a new project or body of work in relation to the thematic framework of the Academy or continue to explore themes that they are currently working on and which relate to the core emphasis of the Academy. Studio visits with faculty can provide direction and structure where needed or expand critical discourse for more established artists. The Academy also welcomes a diverse range of approaches to artistic practice.

    My portfolio is not specifically environmentally focused, though this is an area that I want to focus on and develop. Should I still apply?

    Yes. If your portfolio does not include work that directly engages with the thematic focus of the Academy you should outline in detail your aims for participating and the particular body of work that you would like to explore or produce. Please note that the Academy does not provide introductory level or technical instruction in any artistic media. Workshops are focused on an exploratory engagement with the immediate environment or certain artistic media and studio visits are centred on conversation and discussion. Given the level of expertise that faculty possess, a range of advice may be given as to how best develop a particular project or approach to a body of work.

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