The Gallery

  • 2015 MFA Graduate Exhibition
    2015 MFA Graduate Exhibition
  • Holly Draper - MFA Graduate Exhibition 2015
    Holly Draper - MFA Graduate 2015
  • Amanda Patten - MFA Graduate Exhibition 2015
    Amanda Patten - MFA Graduate 2015

The Gallery Space

Established in January 2005 as a learning resource for the graduate and undergraduate programmes of the Burren College of Art and as a high quality public gallery, The Gallery was designed by architect John O'Reilly as part of a new complex that includes the MFA studios. This bright, airy and spacious gallery of 25ft x 50ft with a 14ft x 20ft project room is capable of showing large scale wall and floor mounted work, performance, installations and video. The adjacent MFA studios are fitted with moveable walls which can be rolled back to provide additional gallery space, resulting in a total gallery capacity of 6500 square feet. Configured in this way the gallery is one of the largest art galleries in Ireland outside Dublin. 

Gallery Hours: