Mary Hawkes Greene

Burren College of Art Time, Space & Inspiration

Mary Hawkes Greene


M.Ed, M.Sc International Business (TCD)

Since setting up the college in 1994 my greatest satisfaction continues to come from witnessing students positively transform in this environment. This growth results not always from adding new layers of skills but rather from stripping away excess and discovering their true selves and who they are as artists.

Mary's career in education has ranged from teaching in Italy, France and Israel, to designing programmes for inner city Dublin communities, to working with government agencies on education policy for itinerant Irish traveller children. Central to all of these has been her commitment to the arts in education and firsthand experience of the educational value of living in diverse cultures. These beliefs were actualised in setting up the Burren College of Art in 1994, providing an alternative model of art education for an international audience in an inspirational setting. A subsequent exploration of creativity and business extended Mary's commitment to the concept of universal creativity and to broadening the remit of the Burren College of Art.