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Stephen Brandes is a British artist who now lives and works in County Cork, Ireland. Brandes’ practice explores the interplay of word and visual language as a vehicle for storytelling, with particular reference to travel fiction and European traditions of absurdism and satire. With his large-scale pieces he draws and paints on vinyl. They are rambling, panoramic compositions, packed with layers of detail and incident. He in a way restores the awareness of drama and history that are effectively hidden beneath the calm uniformity of suburbia.

Brandes exhibits nationally and internationally and has represented Ireland in the Venice Biennale. He is represented by Rubicon Gallery, Dublin, Ireland and has also shown in BCA's The Gallery, as part of a group show.

Visiting Artists


Burren College of Art values its connectedness to the international, national and regional art worlds and maintains this through a vibrant programme of visiting artist and scholar presentations each semester. We welcome renowned artists, curators, gallerists, critics and scholars to participate in conferences, symposia and the weekly visiting artist programme, known as the ‘Wednesday Session’. After a group presentation of their work, artists are available to students for individual studio visits on a sign-up basis.  This programme is our way of connecting and making professional relationships with artists who have made serious contributions to their disciplines, and who inspire and energise our community.  We invite both established and emerging practitioners, working across diverse creative practices, from Ireland and abroad.