Painting for beginners

Painting for beginners

Robbie Lawrence
Faculty: Robbie Lawrence
Dates: 17th – 21st May 2021

Designed for the beginner who would like a guiding hand into the world of oil or acrylic painting, this course is an introduction to tools & materials, colour theory, chiaroscuro and technique. Everything from palette layout, canvas preparation, mediums, and paint application will be covered through practice with still life, the plaster cast and the portrait. The mornings will be for demonstrations and lectures with the afternoon for plenty of practice and feedback.




Tutor bio
Robbie is a current PhD candidate and life drawing TA at the Burren College of Art who specialises in turn of the century inspired oil painting and draftsmanship. A graduate of the Maryland Institute, College of Art in 2009, she moved to the EU in 2014 to pursue an education in academic painting and drawing. Her practice revolves around observational methods, using representation to investigate the objects and people around her. Her paintings capture moments of storied depth and sensitivity to create quiet, contemplative spaces. Robbie has exhibited in NYC, NY; Florence, Italy; Galway, Ireland and has work in private collections in both the US and the EU.

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