Burren Leadership Gatherings 2020

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Your registration for the three days – August 24, 26 and 28 2020 – includes two optional resources: a curated trio beginning in early September or an individual session with one of our certified coaches. Details will be shared on the last day of the Gatherings.

If you need to discuss making an adjustment to the fee (either to request a partial scholarship or to help fund someone who needs one), please contact Julia Long at julia@burrencollege.ie

The payment options are:

FULL FEE – If you work for a corporation, large organization or public body.
NON-PROFIT FEE – If you work for an NGO or independent, small business.

IMPORTANT: If your credit card does not process on your first try in our online payment system, please notify your card issuer to ensure security clearance and try again.

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