Yvonne Beckway

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Yvonne Beckway



Yvonne Beckway is an artist, educator and naturalist living in the Midwest USA.

She creates large scale earthworks using natural materials, innovative experimental processes and varying combinations of the four elements of nature. She paints using plants as brushes, masks and the source of fresh plant dyes. Employing the elements of wind, rain, fire, ashes and soil to assist in the process keeps her imagery raw and natural. Her large scale works are doorways for the viewer to enter visual recordings of landscapes with featured plant forms found in their native ecosystems.

“My intention is to share and enfold my viewers into contemplative environments that transmit a biophilic experience of the plant community. Nature teaches, heals and regulates us on every level.  Dwelling within this energy brings a counter balance that can realign us back to our true natures.”