Shir Yeffet

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Shir Yeffet


Shir Yeffet is a visual artist, living and working in Tel-Aviv.

Graduated with honors from the Faculty of Arts: HaMidrasha Beit Berl College, (2013). My studio is located in a bomb shelter that was granted to me by the Municipality.

Since my graduation I have participated in various group exhibitions and in the Signal Fire arts outdoors residency in Oregon, US (June 2015). My works have appeared in publications such as "Harama", an online art magazine.

I'm currently collaborating with a choreographer and a group of Nano scientists on a project inspired by the phenomenon of individual molecules that self-assemble into patterns.

On April 2016 I will be participating in the International Photography Festival that is taking place in Tel Aviv.

In addition, I work as an Art teacher in centers designated for gifted and outstanding children, and am also an active member of Re-Feel magazine, which is a unique annual magazine based on collaborative work.