Sara Girletz

Burren College of Art Time, Space & Inspiration

Sara Girletz


My current work investigates the curious notions of my own displacement, presence and physicality in relation to home, manmade structure, landscape, as well as memory. In addition to this I also show interest pertaining to representations of family within these concepts.

From a technical aspect, material and process play a huge role in the work I create. At times my practice has been based loosely on the visual blending of man-made structures with the natural, organic, weathering of landscape. I have developed an appreciation for how the two are aesthetically relatable. In addition to this I have and continue to employ the use of obscured text in anything I make. I am in love with the prevalence of gesture seen in text and continue to enjoy seeing it materialize within my work. Gesture is stylistic and distinct to an artist. Therefore it provides an in depth self portrait of my physicality and direct connection to my work as well as the ideas embedded in it. I also enjoy the opportunity of having a direct response to my work using the connotations aligned with text. Art is a mere response to the world around us. The gesture and underlying meanings of the text I use serves as my personal response to work evoked by my surroundings. Personal connections and responses to things such as place, landscape and other representations of these summarize my drive to make work.

The work I have produced during my time at Burren College of Art onsets a new direction in my art practice. It aims to display the literal presence of my identity, body and self in relation to my surroundings. American artist Jasper Johns aimed at “trying to find a way to make pictures.” Correspondingly I am trying to find a way to make myself a place by means of making pictures.