Jacquelyn Dale Whitman

Burren College of Art Time, Space & Inspiration

Jacquelyn Dale Whitman

Studio Art
Post Bac

I have been an avid scuba diver and underwater photographer for over twelve-years, archiving the ocean’s oscillating colors; the sporadic formulation of structures abounding encrusted reef ecosystems; and the novel textures that reside at the unique merger of cavern stalagmites and parasitic coral colonies. Marine organisms are in a constant state of production, disintegration, and recreation. By unifying their continual state of change into a synchronized movement, individual species merge and build their colonies into sculptural forms, resulting in enchanting visual fields.

My large-scale paper installations manipulate detail, pattern, and scale to create illusory optical movement and activate space. I abstract detail from organic textures to build repeating patterns on varying compositional layers. In these patterns, I pair form repetition with scale variation, producing perspective and texture that expands the 2D-field. My work is large-scale both in physical size and in the amount of pattern repetition, saturating viewers with visual intensity, and imposing a gestalt rhythm that recreates the hypnotic appeal of marine typographies.

My work process is a series of routines framed by physicality, repetition, discipline, and endurance, directly correlated to my athletic history. A yeoman’s work ethic combined with my need for physical intensity allows me to approach a project with great energy, becoming obsessively absorbed in creating. In this heightened state, I am concerned only with the vagaries of sight and the possibilities for mark-making. My work exudes commitment to process and employs texture and abstracted latticework to bend light, shadow, and consequently space. Art for me is process - visceral, ephemeral, and intellectual at once - allowing me to exist perpetually in the dynamic, fluctuating marine realm, and visually expose any threats to its continued and distinct existence