Gordon D'Arcy

Burren College of Art Time, Space & Inspiration

Gordon D'Arcy

Head of Irish Studies


Gordon is a leading expert in Irish heritage with an MSc in Environmental Science from Trinity College Dublin.  He has a particular interest in the Burren, which he has researched extensively for many years and he is an authority who is regularly consulted and who leads field trips for students and visiting scholars.

He has published many books and papers on wildlife including "The Natural History of The Burren", "Ireland's Lost Birds"(2003), while his book "Guide to the Birds of Ireland" (1981) was the first book on its subject.  His most recent book is "The Burren Wall" (2006)

Teaching Philosophy

My aim is to help provide the students with a sense of place, locally and nationally and where relevant also in a European context; to introduce Ireland's natural and social heritage using lectures and field trips both inside the Burren and elsewhere; to teach holistically, incorporating peripheral elements such as geology, hydrology, folklore, Irish language, agriculture, tourism, community and contemporary politics etc.; to provide an open, liberal forum for discussion; to link with other elelments of faculty.

I have found my own background in both science and the arts useful in facilitating a broad-based approach.  Having also lived in the North of Ireland I have been able to relate my own experience of the recent 'troubles' and the process of reconciliation currently underway.