Angel Cray

Burren College of Art Time, Space & Inspiration

Angel Cray

MA in Studio Art

Angel Cray is a United States citizen from rural Northern Maine.  She graduated from The University of Maine at Presque Isle with her BFA; her main emphasis is in analog photography.  While at UMPI she received the Fine Art Talent Award in Studio Practice for 2013.  She was also awarded the BCA Scholarship Award to help her start her MFA at the Burren College of Art in Ireland.  Her main goal is to the push the boundaries of analog photography and to keep it alive and well.

"The world has digital, and I have film!" says Angel.

Artist Statement

In today’s world it is hard for people to deal with their negative personality traits (NPT’s), sometimes even more so to admit to them out loud.  As the world increasingly becomes more politically correct, no one can be open, honest, and let alone funny!  One thing my Dad always taught me was to laugh, but even more importantly to be able to laugh at your-self.  

Twisting and turning my own nude form, I work to create representations of common NPT’s that we as the human race share.  Then within the darkroom I experiment with cathartic ways of applying water and developer to my prints to enhance certain emotions that certain NPT’s cause or give off. The raw emotionally charged work is then hung to grab the viewer’s attention; creating various power dynamics between the art piece and the viewer.

Through self-reflection, admittance, and the cathartic use of the darkroom; I am hoping to be able to recognize some of my own NPT’s, and find some humility along the way. My hope with these admissions is that it may help others to do the same.
~ Angel Cray