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The Shadow of Doubt: MFA Exhibition

18th Apr 2015
The Shadow of Doubt brings together the work of graduating Burren College of Art MFA students Holly Draper and Amanda Patten. Both artists work with paint, and the title of their show underscores the fluid, mutable qualities of paint as a material, and the ambiguous and somewhat porous nature of the questions posed by their work.  The works of Draper and Patten engage the shadowlands of contemporary society and throw light on our problematic relationship to food, subjectivity and power. Strikingly different in their approach to the language of paint, the works of both artists are united in their articulation of the tension between seductive materiality and charged psychological space. As they graduate from Burren College of Art, Holly and Amanda are on a clear trajectory to continue producing works that challenge and engage, and question our relationship to the world around us.