Burren College of Art Time, Space & Inspiration

Dreamtime: Aboriginal Art from the Collection of Maccon Macnamara

7th May 2015


The paintings in this collection illustrate the inseparable relationship of the artists to their land, not only as a site of home and livelihood, but as a source of identity. This relationship is communicated deeply and thoughtfully through the vibrancy and expression of the art.  The Australian connection to environment and place resonates with many aspects of Irish history and folklore, particularly in the protected area of the Burren.  The primary aim with this exhibition is to expose viewers and art enthusiasts to the culture and beauty of the oldest continuous form of artmaking in the world.  Works in the exhibition include paintings by renowned Aboriginal artists such as Barbara Weir, Gloria Petyarre, Nora Petyarre, Ronnie Bird, Alison Multa and others from the Alice Springs region.