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Crucible: New Abstract Paintings by Richard Hearns

4th Jun 2015

Crucible : New Abstract Paintings by Richard Hearns
The Gallery| Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare
June 4 – July 4 2015 
Opening reception  June 4  7pm-9pm

The Gallery at Burren College of Art is proud to present Crucible - a new collection of abstract works by Irish-Lebanese artist, Richard Hearns.  In this cohesive series of abstract paintings, Richard Hearns presents works with a primary concern for the alchemy of oil paint, and the physicality involved in creating large-scale gestural pieces.


The artist is a huge emotional machine, a channel. He is working to prove something that can be felt but not fully understood. To create and discover something new and exciting. Essentially he believes that  through the possibilities of paint there is an answer to life's unresolved questions and that through paint something fundamental or god-like can be revealed. -  'except from a collaborative essay by Mark Redden and Richard Hearns'


Richard Hearns was born in Beirut on January 25th 1980. Eleven weeks later he was adopted and brought to Ireland.

Working primarily in oil since 2008 this incredibly alluring material brings Richard Hearns back to the studio each day to explore and master. His abstract paintings have a primary concern with the alchemy of oil paint, and the physicality involved.

In collections now spanning the globe Richard Hearns has exhibited widely and received many awards and important commissions.  He has had several solo shows in New York City and Paris, and has been included in group exhibitions in London and Germany.  Hearns is represented by The Barbara Stanley Gallery, London; O’Sullivan Antiques, New York City; Anam Cara Gallery, Greenwich, Connecticut; Jennifer Lee Fine Art, Dallas Texas; and the Blackbird Gallery, Kilkenny.