Burren College of Art Time, Space & Inspiration


The Burren College of Art understands that artists need space in which to grow and develop and also understand that art students have the same needs. The studios are the key facility provided and students have their own dedicated studio spaces to which they have access 24/7.

Each graduate studio space is 4m x 4m, well lit with natural and artificial light, and has multiple power sockets and an internet port. The walls of the graduate studios are on tracks so facilitate realignment for exhibitions.  Each undergraduate student is also allocated their own, slightly smaller, dedicated studio space, to which they also have 24/7 access.

Wireless internet access is available throughout the campus and studios.

The college's facilities reflect the ideas-led ethos of the curriculum.  Good facilities for core fine art activities are provided we consider it a positive part of the college's ethos that students need to be resourceful in fulfilling their technical needs beyond the range of what is provided.  From time to time and where appropriate, creative low-tech and no-tech improvisation in creating art complements the digital and traditional media.  As a small specialized college we do not have the extensive range of workshops that may be found in larger colleges and students should be aware that there are no specialist facilities for ceramics, foundry work or printmaking.