Postgraduate Courses in Creative Difference

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Postgraduate Courses in Creative Difference

We have developed the concept of Creative Difference as an alternative to the often vague or misleading phrase 'creativity and innovation'.  Creative Difference is the core of our curriculum, both for artists and for the artist within everyone.

Creative Difference is developed through structured learning experiences comprising:

  • Recognising the value of different modes of intelligence to different situations;
  • Identifying your personal difference from others;
  • Transforming your mental, emotional and behavioural habits into new creative strategies;
  • Taking ownership of iterative creative processes to make a difference of significance to others;
  • Learning how collaboration works better than competition in addressing common interest

These courses are based on experiential learning - an immersive experience free from urban distraction in the stillness of the Burren landscape and the purpose-built studios of Burren College of Art.  The unique learning environment of the burren enables deep focus and immersive learning and is an indispensible element of all our courses.  An immersive education cannot happen quickly if reflection and transformative learning are to take place, and our courses normally take place over a number of days involving at least one overnight stay in this focussed environment.  Activities include both individual and group emphases with much sharing of experience in exploration and experiment with creative processes, making the course a most enjoyable experience with a powerful and rewarding group dynamic.