MFA / MA Art & Ecology - Programme Description

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Eileen Hutton, Blue Tit Nest Jumper, 2012
Blue Tit Nest Jumper 2012
Eileen Hutton

MFA / MA Art & Ecology - Programme Description

Studio research provides for the development of artistic practice alongside students in the MFA / MA Studio Art.  These modules provide for studio-based investigation and experimentation leading to the production of a substantial body of work. Theory and Art & Ecology engages with historical and contemporary discourse informing arts practice and ecological issues.

In the first year an Introduction to Ecosystem Science provides an understanding of the operation of ecosystems through lectures and first-hand experience of the Burren. This is extended in Ecology and Sustainability in the Burren, which examines the stewardship of the Burren as a microcosm of environmental and ecological issues. Professional Studies modules are taken with the MFA/MA Studio Art students and focus on the development of the professional skills necessary to survive and thrive as an artist. 

Course Structure

MFA / MA Art & Ecology

  • Year 1, Semester 1

      Studio Research 1 : Research Methods, Materiality and the Land, 15 ECTS
      Theory and Art & Ecology 1 : Land-based Art, 5 ECTS
      Environmental Studies 1 : Introduction to Ecosystem Science, 5 ECTS
      Professional Studies 1 : Introduction to Professionalism, 5ECTS

  • Year 1, Semester 2

     Studio Research 2 : Refinement and Coherence of Enquiry and Practice, 15 ECTS
     Theory and Art & Ecology 2 : Socially Engaged Practice, 5 ECTS
     Environmental Studies 2 : Ecology and Sustainability in the Burren, 5 ECTS
     Professional Studies 2 : Student Selected Project, 5 ECTS

  • Year 1, Semester 3, Summer Term, For MA in Art & Ecology only

     Studio Research Project : The MA Exhibition, 30 ECTS
     A studio-based, independent studies module for students seeking to graduate with the award of MA in Art & Ecology.  Students develop a body of work for exhibition supported by a written Artist's Statement.


  • Year 2, Semester 3

     Studio Research 3 : Engaging Place, 20 ECTS
     Theory and Art & Ecology 3 : The Dissertation  5 ECTS
     Professional Studies 3 : Organising and Publicising an Exhibition, 5 ECTS

  • Year 2, Semester 4

     Studio Research 4 : The MFA Exhibition, 20 ECTS
     Theory and Art & Ecology 4 : The Artist’s Statement 5 ECTS
     Professional Studies 4 : Exhibition Installation, 5 ECTS