Global Ecologies Studio : Description

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Summer School student 2016 Ryan Harrison, Summer School student 2016 Rachel Dawson, Global Ecologies Studio Faculty Hugh Pocock and Emily Bosanquet
Global Ecologies Studio Students and Faculty 2016

Global Ecologies Studio : Description

Burren College of Art Summer School offers a concentrated individual-centred course of focused and dedicated learning. Set in the historically rich and environmentally unique context of the Burren in the West of Ireland, this programme is designed  to assist students develop a cohesive body of visual work. The programme is open to artists and art students, but may also be of interest to individuals with knowledge in the fields of history, archaeology, anthropology, ecology or environmental science. Artistic practice and its creative methodologies will be used as a means to investigate interdisciplinary connections between certain sites and the historical, cultural, social and environmental narratives that frame them.  Studio projects will emphasise engagement with assigned topics, with dedicated technical assistance appropriate to each students level and concentration provided.

Art + Science: Why Do Both?

What is really unique and enriching about taking a science course in combination with a studio practice is the opportunity you have to make and respond to the scientific content; transforming, translating and situating the science in the cultural sphere, thereby allowing for a different sort of access, interrogation and response. As we consider the social and ecological concerns we face as a society—biodiversity loss, water scarcity, climate change, environmental and social justice—we can incorporate scientific investigation alongside creative research, making, and collaboration with scientists and communities to foster new critical ways to engage and conceptualize the concerns.

Global Ecologies Studio will develop and inform your art practice, supporting you as you become an independent critical thinker and maker surrounded by a peer group of international artists, and connecting you with regional professionals as you gain familiarity with current ecological discourse. You will have access to faculty with expansive experience in teaching in art colleges and with strong professional practices, and be immersed in the fascinating cultural history and the inspiring and scenic beauty of the Burren landscape.