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BCA Alumni

For over twenty years, Burren College of Art has had the privilege of working with hundreds of students on undergraduate and postgraduate courses.  We stay in touch with our alumni and we often collaborate to make exhibitions, art projects and events happen such as the major alumni exhibition, "In the Middle of Everywhere" in 2014.  Our faculty have instigated community projects and curated events involving alumni.  Some of our previous international students have stayed in Ireland and continue to develop their art practice.  Many find employment here and remain to live as Irish citizens, contributing to Irish society.

If you attended BCA for three months or more you are automatically eligible to become a member of BCA Alumni. You join a network of hundreds of former students and graduates of the School and we can help you to keep in touch with your fellow students across the world.

We will stay in touch with you, keeping you regularly up to date with developments and achievements at BCA, through our email newsletter, our Internet pages, and social media presences.

We hope you will continue to feel a part of it. You can help us to do this by keeping us up to date with your address and any items of news or your accomplishments in which you think we would be interested.  Furthermore, if you would like to be featured on BCA’s Facebook alumni page please get in touch by emailing Lisa Newman at lisa@burrencollege.ie.

We also encourage you to apply for the Alumni Residency Award, which was created in 2014 as part of the 20th anniversary celebration at BCA. The aim of the award is to recognize the valuable contribution our alumni have made to the continued growth of the College. Every year four alumni are chosen to return to the Burren for an artist residency.

As a former student of the BCA, you are a part of its future. We look forward to welcoming you back.